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It's Never a Good Time to Lose a Loved One...

Updated: Apr 2

We recently lost our dog who was just 2 years old and one thing that kept coming up for us was that it wasn’t good timing. There really is never a good time to lose a loved one. This is true in just about every case, with the exception of perhaps my prior neighbor who lived to 102 years old. On her birthday her famous words were always, “I’m still here Karen”. She was less than enthused to continue on, but she was a feisty one!

Losing a loved one is hard on everybody, but even more so for trustees and other fiduciaries because on top of all their grief and stress, they need to get down to work. People are counting on them to handle things quickly and efficiently. And, the average estate administration requires about 400-550 hours of work. The time and energy it takes to unwind one’s life is more than most can conceive of, until of course they are in the position to act as a fiduciary. Nobody is ever prepared for the extent of effort they will eventually expend on these things.

Aside from the time intensive nature of the job, having the focus and energy to handle this type of detail in the midst of grief is a big ask. During the normal stages of grief, one often finds themself in sort of a foggy state that makes it difficult to concentrate on anything, let alone a mountain of work.

We can help...

We can help with one task or as many tasks as the Trustee needs help with. We can handle all things related to the house including maintenance, appraisals, clean outs, estate sales, staging, photos, listing and selling the house. We can help with finding a new home for your loved one’s pet and donate their plants. We can even help to organize your process and keep you accountable for getting everything done in an efficient manner. The options are endless.

Most trustees and personal representatives have careers, families and other obligations on top of their Trustee’s duties. We can lighten your load so you can spend more time with family, and you'll have the time you need to grieve the loss of that very special loved one.

We are only a call away…

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