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Independent Trustee

Independent Trustee Services

At Heirloom Consulting, we understand the importance of creating a plan, being organized and prepared. We specialize in acting as our clients' professional independent trustees, assuring their wishes are played out exactly as they have planned with their team of lawyers, CPAs and wealth management advisors.  With our personalized hands on approach, we will prepare you for the inevitable, help you to organize your assets and when the time comes, we will consciously and efficiently administer your trust.  Please allow us to bring you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

A Partnership for Life and Beyond

We believe in building lasting relationships. Our services begin long before the inevitable. As your dedicated partner, we'll meet with you regularly, taking the time to understand your values, priorities, and aspirations. We're here to ensure that your voice is heard and your intentions are crystal clear so that when you are no longer here your family and your legacy are in good hands.

Seamless Asset Organization

The complexities of managing assets can be overwhelming, but with Heirloom, you're never alone. Our experts work closely with you to organize your assets systematically, ensuring that when the time comes, your estate is ready for a smooth transition. No detail is too small, and no concern is left unaddressed.

Tailored Solutions, Personalized Care

We recognize that each individual is unique, and so are their dreams for their legacy. Our Independent Trustee Services are meticulously tailored to your specific needs and desires. With Heirloom, you'll receive personalized guidance and support while you're planning, ensuring that your legacy is exactly as you have envisioned it.

Why Choose us as your Independent Trustee?

We are a non-biased, third party whose only job it is to protect you and your wishes for your legacy.  We do not invest your assets so there is no inherent conflict of interest. We have the experience and the resources to manage and administer your trust, and we take the time to get to know you personally in advance so we have a clear picture of your plans. We work along your team of attorneys, CPAs and wealth management professionals to make sure you have the best representation available to you.

Who we help

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