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What is Legacy Planning


A solid estate plan is essential along with a great attorney, CPA and wealth management team. And yet, with all that in place, if you pass away and your estate is not organized, documented and ready to go, your trustee/personal representative will spend endless hours digging through your papers and your belongings to make sense of it all. This is not a burden you want to leave on your fiduciaries or your family.


We have a solution - Legacy Planning.

Legacy Planning is Heirloom’s exclusive process of identifying, documenting and verifying the pertinent details while you are competent, alive and well, rather than burdening your trustee to recreate it all once you're gone.  With everything in order, the process of settling your estate will be more efficient, less stressful and less costly. Your Trustee and your beneficiaries will be grateful.


Questions to ask yourself


 Do they know Where your Essential Documents are Located?


Do you have all of your important documents in a safe place? Are they organized and easily understood by somebody other than yourself or do you pride yourself on your organized chaos system? Are all of your assets, account numbers, financial institutions and beneficiaries presented in an organized manner, so everything is crystal clear for your trustee execute your wishes?


Do they know how to Locate your Estate Planning Team?


Are your contacts in order and easily accessible? Will your trustee have the information needed to contact your attorney, CPA, wealth management professional, insurance agent, your family and your heirs? 

Have you Designated Specific Valuables to Somebody Special?


Have you documented your desires for your tangible personal property? Do you have a written, photographic or video record of your wishes for that personal property and for all of your valuables? 


Do they know Where your Real Estate is Located and your Plans for it?


Are your deeds in order for your real estate? Have you discussed your desires for the transfer of your real estate with your attorney? Do you own commercial real estate? 


Do you have any Collectibles?


Do you have any collections that will need to be appraised: watches, art, jewelry, sports memorabilia, books, cars, cameras? Have you documented the collection and had it appraised?

Heirloom is with you from beginning to end, understanding your wishes, clearly communicating those wishes when the time comes, and working with your team to be sure everybody has clear expectations. We will make sure your estate is well documented so when your trustee takes over, they will be well prepared. And if they aren’t up for the challenge, we’re here to help. We got you covered.


Baking with Mom


Are you starting over? Did your spouse handle all of the finances? Are you lost and unsure where everything is with no idea where to start? 

Family Meal


If you are in a second marriage and you both have children, things can quickly become contentious if matters are not in writing, organized and well prepared in advance.

Baking Together
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no children


You can only imagine what it is like when a single person passes away with no parents, spouse, children or siblings, people come out of the woodwork saying they are heirs. You’ll have friends, neighbors, caretakers, mailmen vying for your assets. It is essential to have your affairs in order to make sure your wishes are actualized. You may also have plans for charitable giving that can change over time and need to be kept up to date.


Do you have any businesses that need to be dissolved or closed? Are your corporate documents in order? Do you have a plan for your clients once you’re gone? Do you have any businesses you share with others? Are those terms in writing and easily accessible? Do you have any handshake deals or other businesses where your ownership is dependent upon another person coming forward and doing the right thing?

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