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estate preservation

When a loved one passes away and leaves a home, the locks need to be changed, the fridge needs to be cleaned out, and valuables need to be secured. A pet may have been left behind, and if there is no pet trust addressing its fate, Pets may need some help. This is just the beginning. The home needs to be maintained, inspected, appraised and cared for while its fate is being determined. Somebody needs to be responsible to make sure pipes don't burst, windows aren't broken, doors and windows are secured, and landscaping in maintained. Many trustees do not have the time to handle the multitude of details that come with an estate let alone maintaining a property to this extent. Consider us your project manager. We have a team of professionals to handle these tasks and relationships with vetted professionals who we work with to handle everything else. We handle the heavy lifting so you can take a breath resting assured everything is being taken care of to your satisfaction.

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