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We love our pets, and yet, most people do not have pet trusts! Pet trusts protect your pet when you’re gone, making sure they are cared for the way you would want them to be cared for. Thats where we come in:

We act as Trustees for your pet. We work with your caregiver to make sure everything is as you have planned and that your pet is loved and cared for according to your wishes. We are not lawyers, and do not practice law, so we cannot set up a pet trust for you, but we are happy to refer you to a competent attorney who we can. Call today to learn more about how you can make sure your pet is cared for when you’re gone.

Here are some questions to consider:

What will happen to your pet when you pass away? 

Is there a friend or family member you trust to be their caretaker and love them like you do? 

Does that friend or family member want to take care of them? 

Have you discussed caring for your pet with the person you hope will come forward when you die? 

Who will pay for the food?

What kind of food do they eat? 

Who will pay for the veterinary care?

Who is the veterinarian?

What if they get sick and need surgery?

Do they require special care of any kind?

Do you have a favorite groomer?

How often do you groom them?

What if nobody comes forward to care for your pet, what happens then?

Will they be sent to a shelter in hopes of rehoming them?

What if nobody chooses to adopt them?

What happens then?

Do you have more than one pet?

Do you prefer they stay together after you’re gone?

What would you like to do with your pets remains upon death?

Ready to ensure a safe future for your pets? book a call today.

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