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Personal Property & Collectible appraisal

IntegrEstate is a division of Heirloom Consulting which focuses on estate preservation. Real and personal property in an estate needs to be managed, maintained and sold, or distributed in the case of personal property. IntegrEstate does an initial inspection to determine if any repairs or improvements need to be made prior to the sale of the home, and any ongoing maintenance the property will require. During the inspection the real estate is secured, including the locks being changed, the perishables being cleaned out and valuables are secured or removed, if needed. An inventory of personal property and appraisals of any valuable collectibles (art, antiques, sports memorabilia, cars, jewelry, record collections, watches, cameras, and rare books), are done to prepare for distribution to heirs, estate sales, auctions and donations. If there are pets or plants in the home, IntegrEstate is a resource to help facilitate rehoming them.


Once the real estate is cleaned out and ready to be sold, IntegrEstate provides photos, virtual tours and 3D virtual tours for out-of-town families who are interested in viewing the personal property long distance. The property is staged, if necessary, to maximize property appeal and sale price. The property is then marketed and sold by the same team that has been working with the fiduciary from the beginning, so less time spent by the trustee.


IntegrEstate provides fiduciaries with one point of contact to handle all things related to real estate, similar to a project manager. We have a team of professionals to handle the majority of tasks, and relationships with vetted professionals who we work with to handle everything else. We take care of the heavy lifting so family and fiduciaries can rest assured everything is being taken care of with the utmost care and respect.

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